Anna's Mates
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Anna's Mates
Part 5

Tony de Sergio & Jamie
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  Jamie is very angry. She has only a few weeks to move out of her photography studio due to her bastard landlord and she can't find anywhere else to go. One thing she wont miss though, is the continual sound of a Jack the Ripper street tour starting outside her window three times a day. Today is not a lucky day for the tour guide as feisty Jamie decides to join in the walk in order to disrupt it and get her own back for once.

But she gets distracted by a handsome tourist called, er, dunno... Persuading him to come back to her flat for a photo session was not hard as he didn't even get a say in the matter. No sooner in the door, Jamie has him eating out of her hands and licking her anus. She loved riding his cock all the way home.

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